Can I be by your side?

Sometimes, all I want to do is to take care of people. I would love to do that as a job with genuine care from the bottom of my heart, a full time job that I will love my clients like a sister, daughter, granddaughter or just being a stranger who cares for them, letting them know that they are not left behind, not rejected by this ignorant world.

I would do that job.

I would tell them to not to skip breakfasts, to sleep at 9PM, to wake up at 6AM and do morning exersices. I would blowdry their hair, cook their lunches, learn how to bake, tuck their beds.

I would hold their hands through sleepless nights.

I would embrace them when they shiver in pain. I would wipe their tears, laugh at their jokes, dance their dances.

I would walk with them, ride with them, drive with them. Inhaling the sweet smell of oxygen with them in sunniest mornings, swallowing drinks after drinks with them in darkest nights.

I would say “I’m here.” I would say my heart aches when theirs ache.

I would say “Love yourself”, though it’s the most difficult thing to do. I’m still learning to, but would accompany them through this strugling journey of love. To make them see how beautiful and unique their souls are.

I would be with them. Just stay beside them.

Until they get better. Until they no longer cry in their sleeps.

Until they tell me they would end their own pains. Into a more loving world, where they no longer be rejected. With the smell of sweet blood, or a good sleep after all this time. I would stay with them till the very end.

They would ask why I would do those things. I would say that because it’s my job.

“It’s a job that I sign the contract with my heart.”

So will you sign too, my darling?

Then I can be with you.

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