Crescent Moon

We have entered the third Mercury retrograding period of this year. A period where nothing can go right, everything can go wrong. Where you miscommunicate and jump into a rage very easily. Plus, the Moon is in Crescent shape. Meaning my personal overly sensitive time is coming. A double kill.

Shitty. Shitty. Shitty.

A whole world is rejecting me.

I’m in shitty mood. But I’m shitty as well.

Baby, don’t worry.

I will be back. To the shape of a happy puppy.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe the next day.

After I wake up from a good sleep, leaving all the tears in dreams. Tears fall when I don’t get a kiss. Tears fall when I’m kissed. The Sun goes up, the Moon goes down. I linger on the edge of the Crescent moon, crying my heart out. I let go… to fall into a better world. Of sunlight and smiles. Smiles hurt me deep. Tears wear me out.

Baby, don’t worry. 

I will be back. To the shape of a happy puppy. 

Puppy doesn’t cry. Even when people has left it behind.

But baby, I won’t smile today.

Not in this shitty day.

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